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Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! So, I have received a bunch of questions regarding my makeup that I use when playing hockey, so I figured I could share that with you. Especially since I am a sucker for make-up!!! 😊

First off, I want to clarify, that I have different routines when I am travelling than when I’m home. The reason for that is basically, I have a zillion things, but obviously not the space to bring it everywhere I go. So since I’m on the road right now with two away games, I figured, I could share my travel makeup routine with you first.

I start my routine with applying the MAYBELLINE New York Eyestudio (Blackest Black) gel eyeliner underneath my eyelashes to make my eyelashes appear thicker and more compact. While the eyeliner is drying, I do my eyebrows.


My eyebrows I do with these two pencils. I am very insecure about making my eyebrows, because I feel if you put just a bit too much color, your entire look will be different. That’s why I keep my brows to the minimum, just filling it in a bit with different browns to make them look fuller as well.


Once the brows are done, I start with applying eyeshadow. For that, I use the Clinique high impact eye shadow trio pallet (Sugar Sugar & Rose Wine Duo). First I apply the ‘white’ right underneath my eyebrows to highlight. Then I use the rose to cover my eyelid. To further define my eyes, I apply the ‘wine’ towards the outside of my eyelid as well under the lower eyelashes. To finish off the eyeshadow look, I apply a bit of ‘white’ to the inside of my inner canthus.


To finish off my eyes, I apply 3 different kind of mascaras. First I apply a base coat mascara by KIKO, followed by a blue mascara by KIKO and then lastly a black L’Oreal Power Volume Collagen Mascara. The base coat helps create volume and length, the blue mascara brings some more color to my greenish eyes. Although I put black mascara over the blue, the blue will still be seen at some parts where not everything was covered by the black. I’ve been doing that for many years and everyone who has seen me doing that told me I was crazy. But hey, it works for me and I enjoy doing it. 😊


Lastly, I put some powder (by KIKO – Radiant Fusion Baked Powder) on my cheeks and forehead, followed by a KIKO bronzer powder (104) that I use for a bit of contouring.


So, that’s pretty much the makeup I use while on the roard. I love putting makeup on so I probably take a whole lot longer than it probably could take me. I would say that this makeup routine takes approximately 10 mintues. So it’s rather quick! 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions!



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