Traveling with a Limitation

Broken neck, concussion and a torn knee, not the best prerequisite for travelling. 😊

Being able to go to Finland for the Coaching Symposium and the Women’s World was my goal from the beginning of my injury. I wanted to be in fit enough shape so I could travel there and stay for a couple of days. As time approached and I felt better and better, I decided that before Finland, I would go to Sweden to visit my friends. And then spontaneously I stayed in Finland even longer and even went to Estonia.

As the departure day came closer, I became really scared. Mostly from the take off and landing in the airplane and having to carry my luggage. Since my accident I was only allowed to lift 2kg max at all times and this only with both hands. Of course my suitcase was heavier than 2kg! 😊 Everything else, I knew I would be able to handle and if I would get really tired, I would be able to lay down at my friends apartment or at the hotel.

As it turned out, I was worried for nothing, take off and landing was absolutely no problem! I guess there is not much that could happen with that kind of neck brace that I was wearing, since it wouldn’t allow me to move my head at all anyways. The people at the airport in Zurich were extremely helpful with my suitcase so it felt like I was travelling like I always did, I almost forgot that I needed help…

If it wasn’t for all the looks I would get from people when they see my neck brace, I think I would have easily forgotten about my injury a month ago! 🙂

People were extremely helpful, no matter where I went, I received help when I asked for it. Until my flight from Stockholm to Helsinki with SAS when I asked a flight attendant for help with my carry on and I was denied because I did not request assistance online. I was shocked! I wonder if people who are too short to reach the overhead bin have to ask for assistance online as well or if a flight attendant would help? Anyways I was super happy when a passenger got up and helped me put my stuff into the overhead bin and helped me without asking again once we landed in Helsinki! I wish I would have had some Swiss chocolate for him in my backpack to thank him…

Overall the trip exceeded my expectation of easiness of travelling with a limitation. People were incredibly helpful which made it so easy for me, thus more energy to actually be up all day and soak it all in.

Today is my first day that I’m allowed to take off my neck brace! It feels great, although I keep having to put my neck brace back on because I get tired really fast, it feels great! The next two weeks is all about adapting to not wearing a neck brace anymore (it’s a must when sitting in the car though!) and being able to turn my head again!

Wish me luck!



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