When you fly high

Due to the emotional roller-coaster called the Olympic Games, I have been slacking on writing my blog and sharing my experience with you all. So here goes a post about flying high…

After the historical game against a united-Korea, things got rolling for myself and the team. After a game off-day, we played against Japan. Although Japan outplayed us and were clearly the better team, we managed to get a 3-1 win, which meant that we already qualified for the quarterfinal. We were all so excited, as reaching the quarterfinal was our main goal. But we wanted more, we wanted to come in 1st in our group, which meant we still had to beat Sweden in the last group game.

It’s great having an “off-day” after every game. To be able recover properly and refocus on the next opponent is great and I truly believe helps the competitiveness in the tournament. So with lots of new energy and a fresh mind, we faced Sweden in the last group stage game and yet again, won this game 2-1. What a ride!

For the first time ever, we came in 1st in the group stage and won all the games in the group stage. Not bad, eh?

After the group stage, we had two off-days until the quarterfinal. February 15th was for the first time in over 2 weeks, that we received an off-day from the ice. We still did an off-ice session. I was tired. I wish we would have had a full off-day the latest that day. We’ve been having a crazy schedule every day, even on gamedays. With such a schedule, the little down-time we had became even more important.

I needed some of the down-time to meet with my parents and just go outside of the Olympic premises and clear my head. Do some sightseeing and eat outside the dinning hall and so forth. It was very much needed.

Our second off-day we went back on the ice for a 70-minute ice session as well as some off-ice. On that day, the entire focus was on the next day, the quarterfinal against the Olympic Athletes from Russia.

I was extremely pumped to get the 12pm game, which meant we wouldn’t get an additional ice training to tire us out more. It’s nice to just get up and roll…

Everything was going so well for myself and the team, we were so excited and ready for the quarterfinal! The quote: “The lower you fall, the higher you’ll fly”, was reversed for us. The higher you fly, the lower you fall… We got outclassed by OAR, big time.

From my side, it was a weird game. I never felt good, throughout the entire game. Every puck on net felt weird, I couldn’t make a good save. The Russians did a very good scouting on me and never just put a puck on net, only when they had a legit goal chance. It was though, I put so much pressure on myself throughout the entire Olympics and then I had a brutal game like that… I was devastated. Disappointed. Sad.

The dream of another Olympic medal just shattered… It would be difficult to come back from that…




5 Comments on “When you fly high

  1. You will get over it because of future goals you’ll set for yourself. I have no doubt.
    In the meantime enjoy the ceremony and remember that 5th place in olimpics still means something. I’m already looking forward to seeing you in the next Games. For now thank you and the entire team for what you did this year.

  2. Florence,
    As a fellow goalie from the USA I have to say that I enjoyed watching you these olympics both on the ice and via your blogs. I wish I could find a Schelling Jersey because you made me a Swiss fan! Wish you the best both on and off the ice.

  3. I didn’t know about the format which placed numbers 1 & 2 from group A directly into the semifinals.
    Regardless of the quality of team Canada and USA, it didn’t and still doesn’t feel right.
    As a fan and spectator, I was secretly hoping for an upset of either one of those two teams. Unfortunately it didn’t happen, but hopefully you’ll continue tending the net for years to come.
    I sincerely hope you and your team will once again win a medal in Beijing. (Yes that’s 4 years from now, but I’m already stoked.)

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